Phone Bidding at Helander

Submit a telephone bid

Don't like Bidding LIVE online or cannot make it to the Auction? Or do you simply wish for a more personal service? Many buyers prefer to bid via phone, using a Helander's representative who is present at the auction to relay bids to the auctioneer on their behalf.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make a phone line reservation in advance by submitting a telephone bid by using this form, visiting our customer service desk in person or by calling us on the phone (+358 29 003 1950). Submitting telephone bids is allowed instantly when the auction catalogue is published. Telephone bids must be received no later than one hour before the start of the auction to be considered.

  2. When the item you have bid for is coming up in the auction, we will call you on the phone. Auction House Helander’s representative will represent you in the auction room by making bids according the instructions you give by phone.

  3. If you win the item, you can pick it up on the day of the auction or within seven days of the auction, or use our packaging and shipping services.

Unless there is a raised minimum price set on the lot of your interest, telephone bidding starts from 500 €. By submitting a telephone bid, you agree to bid this amount at a minimum.