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Sell your items at auction


1. Selling items with Helander is easy!
We take care of everything: assessing the item, insurance, cataloguing, photography, marketing, presentation and handing the item over to its new owner. You can bring your items to our auction house yourself or place an order for our collection service. The proceeds from the sale are transferred directly to your bank account. 

2. Your item will get a lot of visibility and attention
We have an international client base. Having professionals handle the photography and presentation of your item ensures that it will be shown in a way that does it justice.

3. We provide guidance and advice
Certain items involve various statutory obligations. For example, visual artists are entitled to Droit de Suite resale fees in certain cases, most firearms and parts of firearms are subject to permits, selling antique relics is entirely prohibited and exporting cultural articles is subject to a permit. We take care of remitting Droit de Suite fees on behalf of our buyer clients and refer our clients to the relevant authorities when permits are required. 



1. Decide how many items you wish to sell
First consider the amount of items you wish to sell. Based on the total amount, you can choose the best way of requesting an assessment of whether selling your items in an auction is worthwhile.

2. Choose the right valuation method for you
Large quantities of items — typically related to relocation, uncontested estates and rare collections — can be assessed by having an expert from Helander come over to conduct a valuation free of charge. Fill an online form or telephone us to make an appointment. To have smaller quantities assessed, fill out the Auction Estimate form on our website. We respond to valuation requests by e-mail within approximately one week. Alternatively, you can bring your items to our auction house for assessment by our intendants. All kinds of items are always welcome to Helander's consignment regardless of schedules or types of upcoming auctions.

3. We take care of the rest
When the valuation of the items has been completed, there is nothing else you need to do. Our experts will handle the remaining steps of the selling process, all the way to having the buyer collect the items.

4. The proceeds from the sale are transferred to your bank account
You can see a written itemisation of sold lots in the My Pages section of our website after the auction has ended. Your settlement statements of all fully paid items will appear in the service on the 16th day of the month following the auction, unless you have ordered services from Helander (e.g. collection) that remain uninvoiced at the time. In this case the statements will be delivered after covering these costs and you will be sent an e-mail notification.
The proceeds of all fully paid items from the sale are transferred to your bank account on the 16th day of the month following the auction or on the first following banking day after it.
The auction house’s commission is deducted from the hammer price of each auctioned lot. The commission is 25% of the hammer price + €7/lot (at a minimum €37/lot). The commission includes value added tax of 24%. O
ther fees e.g. pickup are deducted from the sales result. 

5. Unsold items
If a buyer is not found for a lot, you may recollect the item within a set timeframe. The item can be also donated to charity or recycled. If a buyer is not found for a lot, we charge a photography, insurance and handling fee of €37/lot and possible recycling fees.



Helander finds buyers for a wide range of items, some of which can be quite surprising. Our clients are particularly interested in the categories listed below, but feel free to ask us about other types of items as well!

We are happy to put even complete collections into sale

Military memorabilia
War-related items, such as medals of honour, swords and uniforms 

Old photographs and postcards
Wartime photographs and photo albums, photographs and postcards from the 1800s and early 1900s

Lighting fixtures
Design lighting fixtures, such as Orno, Idman, Itsu, Valaistustyö, Taito, Valaisinpaja, Koru Helsinki, Paavo Tynell, Lisa Johansson-Pape, Alvar Aalto, Ilmari Tapiovaara, brass, braided leather and rattan lighting fixtures. 

Finnish and foreign design furniture, 1950s and 1960s teak and rattan furniture 

Handwoven rugs, functionalist style wool rugs 

Sets of tableware for multiple diners, including Arabia, Rörstrand, Gustavsberg, Villeroy & Boch, Johnsson Bros, Meissen, Bing & Gröndahl, Royal Copenhagen, Sèvres, Iittala, Nuutajärvi, Riihimäen lasi, Karhula, Kosta Boda

Russian objects
Icons, samovars and silverware, books and documents, Russian ceramics, including Kuznetsov, Gardner, Kornilov 

Artistic glass and ceramics
Signed artistic glass items 

Jewelry, men’s watches, silver tableware sets, Moomin products, internationally well-known branded bags and apparel, old tin cans and toys, old fishing tackle

What kinds of items are not worthwhile to be sold in an auction?
Individual items whose monetary value is only a few tens of euros, such as parts of tableware sets, ordinary household goods or individual issues of magazines or books with no particular value as collectibles. We also do not sell pianos. 



If you are unable to bring your items to our auction house yourself or you need a more comprehensive sweep out service, our logistics services are at your disposal. We can even pack your items for you: items that are suitable for auctioning will be catalogued and other items will be recycled. Pickup and other costs are invoiced separately.

Pricing examples:

  • pickup with an MPV, one person: €75/pickup

  • pickup with a delivery van or lorry, 3–4 persons: €150/hour

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