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Price List


The following fees are calculated based on the hammer price:

  • Auction House Helander’s buyer’s premium is 22.5% / lot
  • Hammer fee is €8 /lot
  • Droit de Suite fee, if applicable (applies to works of art when the hammer price exceeds €255 and the copyright has not yet expired): at most 5%. More information Items with Droit de Suite fee are marked with * sign in the auction catalogue. 


Make payment for the items you buy and collect them within 7 subsequent days from the auction. Helander will resell items that remain unpaid or uncollected after set timeframe.

The buyer’s premium and the storage and delay fees include 24% VAT. If a Droit de Suite fee applies, 10% VAT will be added to it.
Payment methods: Debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Eurocard) and Mash payments. We do not accept cash.


Minimum bids:

Please note that minimum bids apply in all auctions. The minimum bid is the lowest acceptable bid for selling a lot. The minimum bid in all our auctions is €50, unless there is a raised minimum price set. Telephone bidding starts from €500, unless there is a raised minimum price set.


The bidding increments for advance bids submitted through auction catalogues are as follows:

Bid range            Raise by

50–110                  €10 

110–200                €15 

200–300                €20 

300–420                €30 

420–500                €40 

500–800                €50 

800–2 000             €100 

2 000–3 000          €200 

3 000–4 200          €300 

4 200–5 000          €400 

5 000–1 0000        €500 

10 000–20 000      €1 000  

20 000–50 000      €2 000 

50 000–                 €5 000  

The advance bid represents the highest price you are willing to bid for the lot, but you may be able to buy the lot at a substantially lower price.




  • When the hammer price of a lot exceeds €125, Auction House Helander’s seller’s commission is 25% + €7/lot
  • When the hammer price is less than €125, a fixed fee of €37/lot applies
  • If a buyer is not found for a lot, we charge a photography, insurance and handling fee of €37/lot
  • Sorting fee for miscellaneous packages brought to our consignment €75/hour (Helander's pickup services include unpacking and sorting)
  • Transporting firearms and ammunition to police €135/transport

The fees include photography, processing and insurance fees as well as 24% VAT. The commission and the hammer fee are deducted from the proceeds from the sale when the funds are transferred to the seller’s account. Pickup and other costs are invoiced separately.

If items brought to us include articles not worthwhile to be sold in an auction, or if the seller does not collect the unsold lot within 14 days, the items are transferred to our landfill services and the seller will be charged the the landfill fee €1.95/kg. 





If you can't collect your small or medium-sized items within set timeframe, you may order packaging and mailing services from Helander. We ship small and medium-sized items, but not large or heavy ones such as furniture.

Packaging and mailing fees (postal fees not included):

  • small items (e.g. jewellery, medal, a small collectible) from 10 € / shipment
  • a painting from 20 € / shipment
  • a glass or ceramics item from 20 € / shipment
  • home delivery in Helsinki region from 55 € / delivery (incl. light packaging)
Inquiries by email:



If you are unable to bring your items to our auction house yourself or you need a more comprehensive sweep out service, our logistics services are at your disposal. 

  • Pickup with an MPV, one person: €50/pickup
  • Pickup with a delivery van or lorry, 2 persons: €120/hour
  • Pickup with a delivery van or lorry, 3–4 persons: €150/hour
  • Kilometre compensation for distances exceeding 100 km: €1.10/km
  • Landfill services in the Helsinki metropolitan area (including transport, bin bags, waste tax): €1.95/kg
  • Hazardous waste: €15/kg
  • Please note that we do not transport any substances that are hazardous to health or subject to licence e.g. asbestos

The time to be charged begins at departure and ends upon return after unloading, unless the kilometre compensation applies (for distances exceeding 100 km). The fees include packing materials and 24% VAT.




  • Written estimates of the value of items can be requested for purposes such as making an estate inventory, reporting damages, insurance claims or the division of property and they, as well as assessment work requiring an external specialist, are subject to hourly rate €225/hour
  • Information requests concerning activities older than 6 months are subject to hourly rates €125/hour

Minimum 1 hour charge. Prices include 24% VAT.