Buyer´s premium (incl. VAT %): 20 % / item

Processing (incl. VAT %): 5 euros / item

Storage and delay fee (incl. VAT %): 5 euros / item / day (small items) or 10 euros / item / day (large items).

Kuvasto fee (the resale remuneration): Up to 5 % (+10 % VAT), when hammer price goes over 255 euros. More information:

Payment method: Debit- or Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Eurocard). Please note that we do not take cash.


Minimum bids:

Please note that the minimum bid varies between 35-50 euros, depending on the Auction. We won´t sell the item lesser sum than the minimum bid. The minimun starting Bid by Phone is 150 euros. This means that, phone bids starts at 150 euros (hammer price), no less than that.

Minimum bid (Monthly Auction): 50 euros / item

Minimum bid (Evening Auction): 35 euros / item

Minimum for a phone bid: 150 euros (hammer price)



Seller´s commission (incl. VAT %): 25 %, minimum 35 euros / item. (minimum commission has processing fee in it)

Processing (incl. VAT %): 5 euros / item

Reserve price: We charge 50 euros Photography remuneration if separately agreed recerved price item is not sold.

Waste: 1,50 euros / kg. 

Possible pick up- & sweepout services: click here!

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