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processing & collecting of personal data

This notice has last been updated on the 7th of June 2018. 


Auction House Helander and the owner Yesterdays Finland Oy ("Auction House Helander") falls under the regulations of EU's new data protection regulation (GDPR). Helander is, as a Data Controller responsible for the data collected and processed about you as a customer. Personal data maybe shared with other companies Helander cooperates with, such as transportation companies. Auction House Helander does not collect sensitive personal identifying information mentioned in the Personal Data Act (523/1999). 



Auction House Helander is committed on protecting your personal data. We use your personal information only for the maintenance of your user account and for the delivery of the services and communications you request. Helander is committed to protect your personal data and your personal integrity according to applicable laws and other relevant standards, while processing or collecting your data. To give you a better understanding of how we process information about you, we present below our principles for processing of personal data.


To complete, or enter into, a contract with you as a customer

Helander collects and stores your data in the following situations:

• When entering into a contract with Helander, in order to place item(s) for sale.
• Any registration, either on our website,  through our customer service or when submitting bid(s).
• When registering for a paddle, to take part in one of our Sales.
• Upon submitting bid(s) (advanced or phone), through our customer service, by email or phone, in writing, through our website or at the Auction House.
• And when other related contracts (such as for valuation services) are to be entered in to.

Your data may be processed and you might be contacted in any of the situations mentioned above. The data is processed for us to be able to complete these contracts with you as a customer and may in some cases (such as an object is to be sent using a third-party transportation company) be released to a third party.


According to the principle of Legitimate interest

The e-mail address you give us during registration of a user account on our website, or when submitting a form on our website, alternatively give us as part of your contact information while submitting an object for sale, or whilst entering into a contract with us is used to distribute important information, including changes to our terms and invites to special events, and may be used to verify your identity during future contacts with our customer service.

Information that is given to our customer service department during the handling of a client matter may be stored in order for us to provide you with an improved customer service experience during future matters.

Your IP address may be stored during website visits. 

We may store and process your personal data in the course of documenting certain objects' ownership history (the "provenance" of the object), to protect and retain the object's value over time and therefore current and future owners' property.


According to given consent

Your e-mail address is only used for distributing newsletters and other direct marketing materials if you've given an explicit consent during the registration process (or later), and you are always able to revoke this consent by following an un-registration link which is included in every sent e-mail. 

We send continuous information about ongoing, upcoming and ended biddings according to the principle of consent. You can at any time choose to not receive these notifications by changing these settings under email preferences which can be accessed through any e-mail we've sent you.


To comply with a legal obligation

Personal information and bank account information relating to the sale of objects are stored in the customer information system in accordance with the law so that we can pay any income you may receive from your account to your bank account. Helander cooperates with Finnish and EU law enforcement agencies and can, if necessary, provide information to the relevant authorities.

We perform camera surveillance of our facilities, and recorded material is processed for the purpose of providing a safe and secure working environment for our staff, protect our customers as well as our and our customers' property. Related to this, recorded material may be processed for the purpose of releasing it to law enforcement authorities, in order to comply with legal obligations. 


Data security

Auction House Helander is committed to adhering to the regulations concerning data security of provided service and aims to prevent any violations of data systems. Auction Helander provides its services in a generally acceptable and effective way by seeking the most appropriate technical solutions to prevent unauthorized access to our information systems. Such tools include the use of firewalls, cryptographic techniques and secure device facilities. Auction Principles of the protection of Helander's personal records are described in more detail in each privacy policy (see attached files below).


Accessing & Chancing your personal data

We strive for correctness during any processing of data. This includes also the personal data we collect. In case any data proves to be incorrect, correction will be done. You as a user have the right to inspect the information contained in the register in accordance with the Personal Data Act. Instructions for implementing a ban, repair and inspection right are provided in the relevant registration file.

If you have any questions about your personal information, you can contact us by email, by sending a message to or by calling our customer service.

To prevent the use of your personal information for marketing and information purposes, to cancel your newsletter or blog subscription, or to modify this information, you must go to the email preferences page. You can access these pages through any e-mail sent to you by us.


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A cookie is a file that is stored in a user's browser. The cookie file contains anonymous identifying information that is used in services and applications to identify browsers and track usage of services. Information collected on the use of services is also used to generate targeted advertising or content. Cookies can remain on the user's machine until they are removed. Cookies can not identify a single user.

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