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Online Auctions
17.3.2023 - 24.3.202315:00Online. Viewing: Hernepellonkuja 8–10, 00560 Helsinki.
Online Auctions
26.1.2022 - 30.6.202318:00Online I Viewing: Hernepellonkuja 8–10 & 12, 00560 Helsinki
Online Auctions
11.11.2022 - 31.12.202420:05Online

About Auction House Helander

We offer a continuous online auction. On average there are two to three online auction catalogues open at once for bidding with various themes from Design to Second Hand.

Helander employs 16 professionals in various fields: curators, photographers and customer service assistants.

We also serve some 1.2 million customers annually. Each year, we buy and sell about 20,000 lots, or about 50,000 individual items.

Huutokauppa Helander, Näytöt
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