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    How To Buy At An Auction

    Buying at Helander is easy and simple. First find out about the categories that interest you. Helander conducts sales in over 25 categories and there are several ways to view upcoming lots. You can browse through our electronical auction catalogues and order e-mail alerts on upcoming sales. The week of the sale you can visit our salesroom to view the Items you are interested in. All auctions and open houses are free and open to the public. Once you have found your item of choice, register to bid. You may bid in person, by phone or by submitting an absentee bid. After the sale you may settle your account and take your newly acquired items with you.

    Open House
    Collecting & Shipping

    An Auction catalogue lists items to be sold at an auction. Helander releases an electronical Auction Catalogue before every Auction. You may Browse our e-catalogues (and submit Bids through it) on from your computer or mobile device.

    You may bid in person, by phone or by submitting an absentee Bid. Register to bid at before the auction starts in a few simple steps or call us. Either way it will only take a few minutes.

    Open Houses are free and open to the public. At our showrooms, you also have the opportunity to speak with a gallery specialist in-person.

    Bidding in the sale room is as easy as raising Your paddle. Bidding in person also offers a thrill like no other. To attend one of our Auctions You need to register and collect your paddle before the auction begins. All of our auctions are free and open to the public.

    The Buyer pays a 20% commision fee (VAT included) and a 5 euro hammer charge on top of the hammer price. You may settle your account by bank- or credit card or by wire transfer. We do not take cash. Once You have settled your account You may take Your newly acquired Items with You. You may also order shipping, packing, transportation or storage services from one of our trusted partners.

    bidding at helander


    Before you can bid you have to register. Whether you plan to bid in person or online, you can register for any sale in advance via our website. You will be asked to provide your full name, address and contact details including telephone and email. Please register at

    Phone Bid(s)

    If you prefer to bid by phone, we will call you from the saleroom and bid on your behalf. Submit Your Phone Bid online at least one hour before the auction starts. The minimun starting Bid by Phone is 150€. Read about our terms & conditions from here.

    Submit Your Phone Bid through here!

    Absentee Bid(s)

    If you’re unable to attend an auction, you may simply place an absentee bid (also commonly referred to as a written or advanced bid) before the sale. It's easy, just submit your bid online by selecting the lot you wish to bid on. Please note that the minimum bid varies between 35-50€, depending on the Auction.

    You can access all our open catalogues at

    In Person

    Bidding in person offers a thrill like no other. You will need to register at latest  on the Auction Day with Helander's Customer Service, with your photo ID, and to collect a paddle before the auction begins. New clients are encouraged to register 24 hours in advance of a sale to allow sufficient time for us to process your information.

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