Helander organises three to four auctions per month on average, except during the slow summer months. You can participate in any of our auctions in person, by submitting an advance bid using the catalogue, by submitting a phone bid in advance or by submitting an online bid during the auction (LIVE). The sold lots can be collected in accordance with the announced schedules.

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Some of the auctions at Helander are ideal for people who want to decorate their homes. Those auctions include furniture, paintings, rugs and various utility items. In turn, some of the auctions include magnificent design items, such as glassware, silverware, furniture and lighting fixtures.

You can participate in our auctions in person, by submitting an advance bid using the catalogue, by submitting a phone bid in advance or by submitting an online bid during the auction (LIVE). This way, you can take part in our auctions with your own computer or smartphone, wherever you happen to be.

  • The catalogues are published at the latest on the Thursday preceding the auction at 8:30 a.m. Advance bidding opens when the catalogue is published and remains open until the auction starts.
  • Pre-auction viewings are held on the Tuesday preceding each auction from 12:00 noon to 7:00 p.m. and on the auction day Wednesday from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. in the storage showroom and/or main building of Auction House Helander.
  • Auctions begin on the Wednesday specified in the schedule at 1:00 p.m. in the main building of Auction House Helander. All auctions can be attended online during the auction (LIVE).
  • Items can be picked up during the auction and during seven (7) subsequent days. Also, we ship small and medium-sized items.



Become a registered client to submit bids in our auctions. You can register at our customer service on the premises or at My Pages service online. At My Pages service you will find information regarding bought items, invoices, items you have put up for sale, items that have not yet been sold, settlement statements or updating your contact details 

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Is it your first time?

The auction process is generally quite simple, whether you are planning to sell or buy something. Read on for a summary of key information and frequently asked questions. If anything is left unclear, feel free to get in touch with us! We are always happy to help.



When an item is brought to Helander, it is inspected, photographed and catalogued in the auction catalogue. When the auction in which the item will be sold approaches, the item is displayed in a pre-auction viewing for potential buyers. Buyers submit bids using their preferred method. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder collects the item.

Buyers can participate in any of our auctions by submitting a bid online. Our announced auctions on Wednesdays can be attended in person or by phone during the auction or by bidding online during the auction (LIVE).



Items can be brought to Helander's consignment whenever the auction house is open. There is no need to make an appointment or notify the auction house in advance. The intendant on hand at the receiving area inspects the items and assesses whether selling them in an auction is worthwhile. All kinds of items are always welcome to Helander's consignment regardless of schedules or types of upcoming auctions.

You can also offer items up for auction by sending us an electronic valuation request or, in the case of a large amount of items, requesting a free valuation visit to your home or business. Helander’s assessment services are free of charge for items offered for sale in an auction.



What is a pre-auction viewing and who has the right to attend?
Pre-auction viewings or Open Houses are an opportunity to inspect lots that are currently open for bids. The pre-auction viewing schedules depend on the schedule of the auction itself. For example, viewings for regular auctions held on Wednesdays are open on the preceding Tuesday from 12:00 noon to 7 p.m., with a shorter viewing held on the day of the auction from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. Attending a pre-auction viewing is free of charge and open to all interested parties. At pre-auction viewings, potential buyers can inspect the items and take photos to help make buying decisions.

I have never attended an auction before. What is the dress code?
Come as you are! Our auctions are informal occasions. You can move around in the auction room freely during the auction.

What should I do on arrival at the auction house?
Come visit our customer service desk. We will register you as a client and give you a paddle with a bidding number. You can then bid for lots by lifting your paddle during the auction.

Do I need to shout out my bids in an auction?
No, you don’t. The auctioneer takes care of incrementally raising the bid relative to the current bid and announces the current bid being sought. You simply need to lift your paddle when you want to raise the bid.

Do I need to reserve a bidding number or seat before the auction?
No, you don’t. If you wish, you can reserve a bidding number at our customer service desk during the pre-auction viewing. Making an advance reservation will make things a little faster on the day of the auction, but it is not essential. The seating capacity of the auction room is typically large enough to accommodate all interested parties.

Does Helander buy items?
We do not buy items for ourselves. The ownership of the items remains with the seller and Helander sells them on the owner’s behalf.  

How do I know what kind of art I should buy in an auction?
Our golden rule is: buy any art you like! Why not start a small art collection focused on a particular artist or theme? At auctions, you can find art at affordable prices and a wide range of articles to choose from. 

Are there parking spaces available at the auction house?
There is plenty of free parking for our clients in the immediate vicinity of our auction house. If you are dropping off goods, you can drive directly to the delivery point. The closest bus stops are about 200 metres from the auction house. 

What does the auction house’s commission include?
Helander’s commissions cover the services provided to the seller and the buyer: valuation, payment traffic and transactions, item storage, cataloguing, photography, marketing, presentation and handing items over to their new owners. The commission also includes 24% value added tax and, for visual art, the costs of remitting Droit de Suite fees to the Visual Artists’ Copyright Society Kuvasto.