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    Ofelia Jewelry

    Welcome to our auctions! 

    Sometimes you just can't make it. Wheater it is the distance or not, phone bidding could be your answer. 

    • We will contact you on the auction day
    • You don't have to attend the auction physically
    • We will contact you ontime, to ensure that the phoneline works
    • If you win Lot's you will get an invoice and other instructions by e-mail.
    • You will also receive written instructions on how to order a pick up, packing or transportation for your Item(s).

    Please notice!

    • All Phone Bid(s) should be submitted one (1) hour before the Auction starts! The Auction starts at 11 am (GMT/HTC +3H)
    • Please do also notice that the Items will be auctioned of in two days. This means that you may leave Phone Bid(s) for Saturdays Items until Saturday morning at 10am and on Sundays Items until Sunday morning 10am. 

    • Phone bid is as valid as a bid made at the Auction House or by advance bidding

    • Phone bidding starts from 200 euros/item. This means, that one should be ready to offer at least 200 euros per Item of intrest.

    • If we cannot reach you, we will still take your bid of 200euros in considoration at the auction.

    • If you wish to leave a smaller bid than 200euros/Item, you may do so by advance bidding, click here!

    • Login or register and leave your bids through our auction catalogue!

    Submit Your Phone Bid(s) by filling out this form: